Millville  High School  Track Teams Remembered Coach John Choko

 With A reunion Friday March 26, 2004 at the Thunderbolt Club in Millville, New Jersey.

Coach John Choko  Passed Away May 2, 1963

Kirby Carmichael & Lou Miller

Wilbert Green, Jim Stites (class of 1970: came because he broke Lu Shuler's javelin record and wanted to meet him),

Bill Hoover (current MHS track coach)

Sue Strempack, Dale Wettstein, Ted Strempack

Ernie Barnes, Walter Williams, Henry Key, Ron McBride

Kirby & Sam Hull

Will Green, Randy Marshall & Kirby Carmichael

Jim Stites, John Slonieski, Toli Welihozkiy. (John Lookabaugh is behind Toli)


Jim Stites, John Slonieski, John Lookabaugh

Kirby Carmichael & Dale Wettstein

Will Green, Rob Shannon, Kirby, Dale Wettstein.

Rob's grandson in front.

Ted Strempack, Wil Green, Henry Key

Kirby Carmichael, Bob Riley (in Red), Bob Heer

Wil Green, Lou Miller, KC, Herb Roselle, Rob Shannon